Lubbock from BoneCraft

Prison-bound for life for Sexual Assault on a Space Cow, Lubbock became the head of the Captain Fort Worth fan club while they shared a cell. Lubbock has risen through the ranks of the Wranlgers though sheer luck and ass-kissing, and is now second in command to Fort.

“I hope Jesus isn’t watching.”

“Careful to not get a nut stuck in there.”
“Captain, remember that time we tag teamed a Wookie?”

“I’m under direct orders to get my dick wet.”

“My number two disposal function broke.”

“You was bringing it home right into an elf chick’s hanger but damned if you couldn’t get docking clearance.”

“Captain, there’s hunks of burning rocks falling out of the sky. And they got real big penises.”


FoxBot from BoneCraft

Created for safety and pleasure by The Republic Dominion Federation of Empires, the SexBot is the epitome of fucking technology. During long voyages, Wranglers spend most of their off-duty time waiting in the long line to get their satisfaction.

“Low testosterone levels, fucking me would be highly advisable.”

“Please be sure to safely remove hardware.”

“Executing program Dick Suck.”


Fox Bot from BoneCraft

Originally designed by Spacely Sprockets, the second generation Rosie the FoxBot was the Model-T of the Fuck Bot industry.

“I have been so honored to service you all these years.”

Willy “Chicken Shit” Hudson

Willy Hudson Space Wrangler from BoneCraft

Forced into service by the monetary burden of supporting his many wives. After numerous complaints of “wanting out of this chicken shit outfit,’ he was forcefully reassigned to Captain Fort Worth’s service. His official response was, “At least it’s a cunt hunt and not another bug hunt.”

“All I see is eyes and teeth. They’re all around us man, Jesus!”

“Hey, maybe you haven’t been keeping up on current events, but you’re getting fucked.”