Willy “Chicken Shit” Hudson

Willy Hudson Space Wrangler from BoneCraft

Forced into service by the monetary burden of supporting his many wives. After numerous complaints of “wanting out of this chicken shit outfit,’ he was forcefully reassigned to Captain Fort Worth’s service. His official response was, “At least it’s a cunt hunt and not another bug hunt.”

“All I see is eyes and teeth. They’re all around us man, Jesus!”

“Hey, maybe you haven’t been keeping up on current events, but you’re getting fucked.”

Mack “Nibbles” Tyson

Mack Tyson Space Wrangler in BoneCraft

Too wild and horny for the Intergalactic Penal Colony, Tyson was sentenced to Captain Fort’s service with a warning to the rest of the crew: watch your ears and your assholes.

“Watch me impregnate this defense.”

“Where’s Soda Pop for the wobbly H when you need him.”

“They call me the knock-up kid.”

Clint Westwood

Clint Westwood Space Wrangler in BoneCraft

A throwback to when the galaxy was nothing more than a saloon and two hitching posts, Clint is the old timer of the Wranglers.

“You gotta ask yourself one question. Am I getting lucky? Well, am I bitch!?”

“Shut your fucking face… Wait, I mean open it.”


Arnold Space Wrangler in BoneCraft

After shooting an innocent kindergartener during a routine arrest, Arnold was reassigned to the Wranglers.

“Get to the chopper – I mean spaceship, now!”

“Prepare to be sperminated.”