Warboss Swampass

Orc Warboss Swampass in BoneCraft

An old friend of Fort’s from his days as a mercenary, Warboss Swampass is as horney as he is big. Known in every brothel through the galaxy as the career ender.

“An orc would fuck anything!”
“My perpetual drippy faucet, an orc’s pride and joy.”

Orc Women

Orc Women in BoneCraft

Since Orcan women don’t have much power within the tribe, they exert their influence by provoking battles between their men, where the loser has to watch his wife get fucked by the winner. As a result, most fights are started by wives who want to get laid by a larger orc.

“Check out me green pooper.”

“Okie-dokie, pokie-pokie.”

Orc Honcho

Orc Honcho in BoneCraft

The leader of a group of Meatheads, Honchos are the biggest of the big, leading by pure strength and dick size dominance.

“Have shit pushed in by orc?”

Orc Meatheads

Orc Meatheads in BoneCraft

Initiated into the Honcho’s gang, Meatheads are the biggest, dumbest orcs of their tribe.

“Poke, poke, poke. Don’t tell me wife.”