The Elf Queen

The Elf Queen in BoneCraft

Head Fuck Mistress of the universe, she travels the galaxy with her court of Noble Hoity Toity elves in search of the mythical orgasm. Collector of the finest ho’s in the galaxy, she keeps a harem of Elves who she trains at the Golden Shower Brothel.

“Hold on there, wrangler. Don’t get your soldier too excited.”

“I hope this war has a happy ending.”

All Night Elves

All Night Elves in BoneCraft

All Night Elves are known for their great stamina and being active all night long.

“Power lies between my thighs.”

Pink Elves

Pink Elves in BoneCraft

It’s all pink on the inside… and in this case, the outside as well.

“Your pleasures are my demands.”

Blood Elves

Blood Elves in BoneCraft

Known as the bitchiest elves in the galaxy, they also seem incapable of being impregnated.

“Will you invade me?”