Clint Westwood

Clint Westwood Space Wrangler in BoneCraft

A throwback to when the galaxy was nothing more than a saloon and two hitching posts, Clint is the old timer of the Wranglers.

“You gotta ask yourself one question. Am I getting lucky? Well, am I bitch!?”

“Shut your fucking face… Wait, I mean open it.”


Arnold Space Wrangler in BoneCraft

After shooting an innocent kindergartener during a routine arrest, Arnold was reassigned to the Wranglers.

“Get to the chopper – I mean spaceship, now!”

“Prepare to be sperminated.”


Macho Space Wrangler in BoneCraft

Legend of the Galaxy Wide Wrestling Federation, he left on a pilgrimage to find his lost master, the koolade guy, and finish his training.

“Keep snapping on my slim jim.”


Bush Space Wrangler in BoneCraft

After totally fucking the whole Middle Eastern part of the galaxy, Bush abandoned presidency of the Intergalactical Oil Federation to continue his personal hunt for alien terrorists. One day he went looking for a bologna sandwich and the next thing he knew, he and Fort were doing lines off of SexBot’s ass. He decided to stay once he found out terrorists were involved.

“Get ready for a huge deficit… On your face.”

“The thing about Bush’s are, we fuck everything, I mean anything, I mean… Nothing.”

“It’s your dick and you’re paying for it.”

“You fuck like a democrat.”