BoneCraft Will Be Here On January 12th!

Coming January 12th!

Pack your staffs and ready your swords, the release date is set for BoneCraft. Captain Fort Worth and his rowdy crew of Space Wranglers and robots will plunge their ship into the Orc and Elf-filled fantasy land of BoneCraft on January 12th, 2012, with pre-sales available sometime in December.

Using the Captain’s skills of seduction and his team’s expertise in interstellar extinction, you will search the hostile environment of the planet for the galaxy’s Holy Grail: the Elf Queen and her band of lustful minions.

BoneCraft will be available for the PC on January 12th. If you cannot wait until then, get your copy of BoneTown and get your bone on!

Voice actor Neil Kaplan signs on to BoneCraft as Captain Fort Worth!

Neil Kaplan

D-Dub is proud to announce that BoneCraft’s main character will be played by the legendary voice actor Neil Kaplan. Kaplan has played the voices of such iconic characters as Tychus from StarCraft II, Optimus Prime in the 2000-2003 Transformers series, and many more.

Kaplan will play the main character of BoneCraft, Captain Fort Worth, as he leads his team of wild Space Wranglers on an epic quest to get laid. Fueled by desire for the one elf who ever escaped his grasp, Captain Fort Worth and the Wranglers will embark on a drunk and rowdy adventure for some sweet, sweet elf lovin.

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Robo-Ho Wallpaper!

Robo-Ho Wallpaper

C3P-Ho Wallpaper!

C3P-Ho Wallpaper