Watch the Trailer Now!BoneCraft is NOW available! Get ROBO-HO when you Order Today!
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BoneCraft Pre-Orders Now Available – SFW Trailer

Watch the NSFW Trailer HERE!
Watch the SFW Trailer Now!
Watch the NSFW Trailer HERE!
BoneCraft will be here January 12th! Get C3P-HO and the Golden Fist when you Pre-Order!
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OFFICIAL VIDEO: BoneCraft | Sex Gameplay

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Here is a sneak peek at our first sex gameplay featuring what the world’s been waiting for — ELF PUSSY! And maybe some Orc here and there :)

In BoneCraft, you’ll be able to bone all kinds of fantastical creatures like Elf, Orc, and Robot girls, plus all the chicks you fell in love with from BoneTown. You’ll be able to choose your favorite girls, rotate through sex positions at will, and choose from a wide variety of positions, which all leads to a huge amount of sexual experiences unlockable through gameplay. Want to see an Elf and an Orc make out, or a threesome with a Crack Whore, an Elf and the Virgin Mary? BoneCraft has it all.

BoneCraft will integrate sex into the gameplay even more than BoneTown did. In the mission Bone and Pillage, you plunder an Orc village while helping your team of Space Wranglers—and yourself–get laid.

We’ll have more updates, info, and content soon! We are getting closer to release, so keep checking back for more. For now, enjoy some good elf-on-elf action!

BoneCraft…Coming 2011!

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OFFICIAL VIDEO: BoneCraft Trailer 1

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Somewhere, in some galaxy, a peaceful land of orcs and elves is about to be torn apart.

A mighty spacecraft hurtles through the sky, filled with invaders from a planet far away. They call themselves the Good Ol’ Boys, but the elves fear nothing good will come of their visit. These drunken space marines are about to discover that the planet harbors the most precious commodity in the universe: elf pussy.

Can the elves vanquish this new enemy before they discover the secret elf brothels? Will the horny orcs be able to resist the charms of their sexy elf neighbors? And how will they defeat the most frightening enemy of all?

BoneCraft is coming in 2011! If you can not wait to bone in an action adventure video game then you should play BoneTown! The Game Where You Get LAID! Enjoy!

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