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Here is a sneak peek at our first Gameplay Trailer featuring what the world’s been waiting for — ELF PUSSY! And maybe some Orc here and there :)

In BoneCraft, you’ll be able to bone all kinds of fantastical creatures like Elf, Orc, and Robot girls, plus all the chicks you fell in love with from BoneTown. You’ll be able to choose your favorite girls, rotate through sex positions at will, and choose from a wide variety of positions, which all leads to a huge amount of sexual experiences unlockable through gameplay. Want to see an Elf and an Orc make out, or a threesome with a Crack Whore, an Elf and the Virgin Mary? BoneCraft has it all.

BoneCraft will integrate sex into the gameplay even more than BoneTown did. In the mission Bone and Pillage, for example, you plunder an Orc village while helping your team of Space Wranglers—and yourself–get laid.

We’ll have more updates, info, and content soon! We are getting closer to release, so keep checking back for more. For now, enjoy some good elf-on-elf action!

BoneCraft…Coming 2011!

49 comments to OFFICIAL VIDEO: BoneCraft | Sex Gameplay

  • Herpderp

    Why no creampies, why always pulling out, I don’t get it.

  • snarfman

    I agree….add some creampies! vaginal and anal! and a POV camera option during sex.

  • phill

    I’m hoping this game supports pc controllers/gamepads and not just keyboard control only… that was a pain in the ass on the higher levels of BoneTown…

  • Alex

    It’s amazing guys! But looks like Bone Town so much! Will see the results!

  • is hott sex and i love it

  • Marvin

    Most of the action looks like reskinned shots from Bonetown. Identical positions, same motion, etc. I suspect that the all new action banging is reward for completing the levels, which would be rather disappointing. Despite all this, I’d still pay for the game, if for no other reason than to support the work!

  • Twist

    Trailer looks great. Lots of the sex scenes are from more or less just BoneTown with a different skin, but if we can select the positions, then it’s still a plus. I hope the combat is more playable though – BoneTown is a little bit crude and at times unmanageable unless we go into the click fest mode.

  • Potential Fan

    That might sound politically incorrect, but sex with women after killing their fathers, husbands, and brothers wouldn’t normally be consensual as depicted in the vid.

    That’s a big realism hit to the game IMHO. Not to mention there are tons of other games offering consensual virtual sex including better graphics.

  • Drac

    Can’t wait to see the results. Love your game so far and I hope this one will be even more epic. Hope to see an interesting storyline.

  • hands

    These games would get much better support if you could also play as a chick. My gf always wants to play but would have way more fun if this were possible.

    Something to think about??

  • hands

    And yes, SECOND THAT to the game controller support. I have been using a program that allows me to use one but it would still be so much better if you could configure the controls in the game for your specific controller. It sucks seeing “press enter to do this” and having to hit a joypad button that you’ve assigned to enter. I mean you get used to it but it’s still just a workaround.

  • You fixed the video! Good job! This will be a great sex game!

  • Antoinette


  • rabboboy

    much like bonetown but the freeroming is gone

  • Marty

    Need better more detailed texture option.

  • Brandy

    Please add high-resolution texture option, and add options to change position during sex.

  • Saw an interview. It said we can be orcs. Is this still possible?
    We should be able to be a elf chick w/ a strap on too!

    Click on my name to go to Korbe’s Korner! MY personal space on the web!

  • Marko80

    Yea thats what i’m talking about…but still i’m curious is there a story in this game ya now like in BoneTown with the ‘Man’ and stuff…and one more question can u Customize your player…that whould be great!

    Keep up the good work!

  • some-dude

    it will really nice if you use the unreal engine, is free and its licence is not so expensive thinking in a bigger merchandising that is not crazy in this times when Video Games occupy a privileged position in the leisure and entertainment market and great numbers of gamers are adults. So heres some things I really think will be cool for future games:

    - make your own character
    - the grow of balls must be like level up (not like you lost all the the balls when you lost and have to fuck fat womans a long time to raise again your balls)
    - more interaction with the people (for side quest rewarded by sex or weapons)
    - a better fighting system
    - the posibility to buy properties and/or business
    - through the game you can wining chiks so you can visit any time (may be a system to tape yourself with them)

    basically a hybrid between fallout, sims and gta.

    ha ha yes yes I know how it sounds (like “anything else fucker”) but like I said, is no to crazy thinking in a bigger marktet

    I suport the game and I hope the company grows.

  • znuf

    its seems like bonetown girls… =( its too bad…

  • Darqmyst

    Right on, looks like fun. Dig it!

    Hooray for elf lesbian Tribbing! XD

  • Insomnia

    You are all terrible.

  • Speaking of that I’m noticing ALOT of girl on girl action w/ NO guy!
    Does this mean u can be a female?
    Can u tell 2 girls to go at it while u watch?
    Or are these scenes from specific missions?
    We need strip poker or blackjack! Watching BC girls strip & masturbate
    would rock!

  • Love RPG sex

    I would love to see different body types for women besides small, medium or large. Some should have HUGE asses while some should be flat chested. Maybe even oiled up T and A and for sure creampies!

  • Will the game cost money or free download

  • Black Jesus

    to above comment, I don’t think it will be free, it will probably cost 30$ or so like bonetown did (or was bonetown only 20?)
    it looks like the game engine is recycled from bonetown, not to say I wouldnt play it because bonetown killed time for a few weeks before i got bored of it.
    But yeah, buy the damn game because if you support their work they’ll probably make another game and I bet the 3rd one will have a new engine and everything.
    I’m guessing the lesbian stuff is going to be rewards for passing levels, would be awesome if we could play as orcs or elves though

  • Deus_ex

    I have to say, this looks rather disappointing from a development point of view. Bonetown was a game that virtually made the genre especially here in north america. And much like other games, I’m not seeing much in terms of innovation from the first product. Now I’m going to ASSUME that the voice acting was recycled from the first game purely for this video snippet. But if you really are going to recycle content from BoneTown I have to say that’s a very shitty way to go about making BoneCraft.

    BoneTown, for what it was in terms of a simple engine and simple game play mechanics was considered an epic game for the Adult entertainment genere. But everybody knows that while the same was fun to play, failed to deliver in many aspects of it. Mainly the lack of sexual options to perform, and the cookie cutter system of progression in the game.

    The fighting in this game is only good for one thing, making us wait for the sexual scenes, that’s about it. The anticipation of seeing what is next I think is the deciding factor for all the action sequences. Investing too much into this is going to drive the game away from what it really should be… a game about fucking.

    So, I think you guys need to take some time and step back, and really rethink how you can innovate the game, and really give players the freedom to go about the “fucking” in their own way, to satisfy their own little fetishes to really make the game enjoyable.

    Obviously nobody is expecting a top notch product here, but if you can steer this in the right direction you’ll get a hell of lot more positive attention then you ever could from bonetown.

  • Bonegirls remind me of realdolls. Perhaps you guys at DDub can chat
    w/ Abyss Creations to make Bonecraft Realdolls! That would rock!
    Here’s their site:

  • Don

    For the love of god make a tool to make custom sex animations/models/skins and integrate it into the game. I will donate if i have to!

  • mark6222

    oh~My God – in China, the game had never seen such a blatant!

  • Highoctane

    Please include anal and vaginal creampies!!

  • HeadBanger

    Sorry. But I can’t see anything new about it. Well, there are bloody fights now, a few new sex positions and acts. But, the whole game looks still the same. Oldschool graphic. And the game idea? Could be stolen. There is a sexual Warcraft game on the web, since month, maybe years: “xxxELFxxx – SexCraft”! Way better graphic!
    The one thing I hate about Bonetown is…it’s an adult sexgame with kidgame graphic.
    And what about the new hero? Puttig Duke Nukem into a spacesuit isn’t much of a new idea.
    And what should be like? A full MMORPG in Bonetown-style? With PvP battles?
    Why are people always steal ideas, that are already avaiable? It can’t be, that there won’t come something NEW!
    Why making a game based on Warcraft? Why not making a complete new game, maybe in stoneage. Raping woman, building huts and caves, fighting dinosaurs. That would be cool. Maybe raping dinos as well. xD

  • zirKnightz

    You guys are doing very well. I own BoneTown and I was very impressed by the amount of work that you all put into it. Bonecraft is going to be worth the wait… I know that. I only ask that you keep it close to World of Warcraft as you can “legally” can. Please dont forget the others races. Elves are cute, but I’ll fuck da shit outta a Draenai in a heartbeat~! Please don’t forget my hoof beauties.

  • Dragma

    Headbanger, you have no idea what you are talking about.

    The “xxxELFxxx – SexCraft” is not a game but a CGI video site.

    and as for “Why making a game based on Warcraft?” Haven’t you heard of parody?

    Personally I think this is the way for a sex game to go. The graphics mingle with the humor. If you want something more realistic try something from

  • china game

    为什么你们就不能把人物改漂亮呢。。一直都是不符合亚洲审美观来做游戏。。如果符合亚洲大陆中国人的审美观的话 相信你们的游戏的发售率会相当高


  • Gneas

    I really enjoyed Bonetown, so I’m looking forward to this.
    One thing you absolutely MUST include is the option to reconfigure the controls. It’s inexcusible in a PC game to force people to use your defined controls with no option to change them. With Bonetown I eventually figured out how to tweak some files to allow me swap ‘jump’ to a different key, but it’s simply not acceptable that I had to do this. C’mon dudes – this is 2011, not 1994. Reconfiguring controls is basic, not a luxury.

    • BoneCraft

      Thanks for the input! In BoneCraft you will be able to remap your controls as well as use an Xbox or any PC controller.

  • NekoKnight

    Game looks nice, think it be better if you added Gnomes, Trolls, Goblins, and Werewolfs like in WoW, maybe some space marine girls or virtual AI girl along with that robot chick you have. Plus I agree with others that its spoofing both WarCarft and SpaceCraft and not much of WoW. I have an idea for another game BoneTokyo, and porn base anime game where you could have some real fun, from banging anime chicks with strange color hair to yiffing with furries/catgirls, jumping into giant robots to summoning the dead, and above all saving girls from tentacal monsters lots of them. Japan has it all and it would be great to see how you would make that fantasy world come alive.

  • Pussycat

    The game looks nice and funny. But I have question: I’m a girl and wanna to play as elf female, robot girl, or orc woman. Whether it will be possible?
    Please answer me, I’ll wait. Kisses

  • Eligor

    This game looks nice i hope that it will give us the option to choose between diferent tipes of characters to play with between human elf/night elf/blood elf/orc/robot/draenai female or boy gender that would be great!
    Cant waith until it comes up i will have so much fun with my gf wile playing this game!

  • 顼仪

    白眼珠子 坑爹啊这个 人物看的怪怪的。

  • T H

    why isnt it out yetttt

  • Mousie.

    oh..- – ~人物造型太卡通了,竟然还有阿凡达….

  • Buxenuz

    This game is the sickest game i ever seen in my entire life… seriously THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

  • Rull

    You are freaks, but ill try it xD

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