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BoneCraft: Somewhere In Some Galaxy!BoneCraft: Somewhere in Some Galaxy is the second game created by D-Dub Software. It is a follow-up to 2008’s Action Adventure Porno Video Game, BoneTown.

A parody of everything science fiction and fantasy, BoneCraft brings together many popular stories into one hilarious sexy romp. “BoneCraft is a world where anything can happen–and does,” says Hod, D-Dub’s Lead Developer.

BoneCraft is a third-person action-adventure game with a unique sex dynamic merged seamlessly into the gameplay. The game follows the exploits of Captain Fort Worth, the leader of the Space Wranglers, and his sidekick, Lubbock.


Fort is a master of hand to hand combat, as well as of weapons ranging from saw swords to bazookas to fire grenades. He is equipped with Wrangler Armor, the epitome of Wrangler technology. The Armor can absorb the alcohol in his blood to power his Jump Pack, so the Space Wranglers benefit from staying continually drunk.

In missions such as “Bone and Pillage” or “Secure Your Ho’s,” Fort is tasked both with making sure he and his team get laid and ensuring that the enemy doesn’t. Hod says that, “the merging of sex and action in BoneCraft brings a whole new meaning to the word ‘wingman’ when you have to shoot enemies to make sure Lubbock gets lucky.”

If they’d rather not fight before they get it on, the player can visit Sex Stores, where they can cycle through hundreds of unique girls to find just the right one before gettin’ down to business. The Golden Shower Elven Brothel features many types of Sex Stores, each catering to a unique fetish, so there’s something for everyone.


BoneCraft: Fort and Lubbock

The story begins with Captain Fort Worth (Neil Kaplan) and Lubbock (Anson Rotola) cruising through space in their ship the USS Longstreet. After drinking too much Jet Fuel, Lubbock brings up a subject he knows sends Fort into a rage: Elven women. Earlier in Fort’s galactial campaigns he had the chance to bone the crown jewel of the galaxy, the Elf Queen, but was foiled by the Elven Army. Since then, Fort has lived with the pain of the only one he ever let get away.

BoneCraft: Crash LandingFort flies into a rage and crash-lands the ship on a nearby planet inhabited by an Orc tribe. When the Wranglers try to enforce their interstellar extinction policy on the Orc, Fort discovers that the Orc tribe is not only led by an old friend of his, Warboss Swampass (Gabriel Brooks), but that the planet is also harboring an Elven Brothel…and the Elf Queen herself.

Fort and his Wranglers must fight their way through Orc and Elf men, bone their way through the women, and take on everything from the metrosexual ranks of the Elven Army to the galaxy’s most dreaded creatures, the fearsome Dick Monsters, to make sure Fort finally gets the Holy Grail.


BoneCraft: Sexy ElvesBoneCraft was first announced at the Adult Entertainment Expo on January 16th, 2011. The announcement of its development was accompanied by a trailer showing a Space Wrangler coming across a room of horny elves fondling each other. On July 24, 2011 D-Dub released a game play video that highlighted the sexual experiences in the upcoming title. On December 20, 2011, Pre-Orders were announced, and a new trailer was released that featured the addition of firearms, grenades, and the Wrangler Team dynamic, as well as all the new sex positions and sexual experiences to expect in the upcoming BoneCraft.

D-Dub drew inspiration for BoneCraft from many different sources, but the major sources were the WarCraft Series, the StarCraft series, and the Warhammer 40,000 series.

BoneCraft: Captain Fort WorthFor the main character of Captain Fort Worth, D-Dub drew inspiration from StarCraft’s character Tychus Findlay. The developer joked that the best actor to play their drunken rowdy version of Tychus would be Neil Kaplan, the actual voice of Tychus from StarCraft II. They contacted Neil and found out that he, too, was interested in playing  the parody of his character. About playing Fort, Neil Kaplan said, “Capt. Fort Worth was a blast to play… He’s a got big ol’ Texas sized balls and a chip on his shoulder to match!”

BoneCraft: Pre-Order


On December 20, 2011 D-Dub started Pre-Orders and announced that all Pre-Orders would come with exclusive bonuses consisting of a new SexBot named C3P-Ho and a Golden Power Fist.

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